2023 Board of Directors Applications

The Chartered Professional Accountants of New Brunswick (CPA New Brunswick) invites applications for members to sit on its Board of Directors. Of the nine elected CPA Board of Director positions, the CPA New Brunswick Board of Directors will have two vacancies up for election at its AGM, in June 2023.


Board members are expected to attend 4 to 5 meetings, actively participate in one or more Board committees, and videoconferences as required. Board members are also expected to attend the CPA New Brunswick Convocation ceremony, as well as other CPA New Brunswick related events, when deemed appropriate.

This is a substantial time commitment of volunteer hours, yet it brings its own rewards in terms of giving back to your profession, working with a superior team, and networking.

Required skills

In 2023, the Board would be well-served with the following sector representation and skills:

  • Public Practice representation;
  • Member engagement / Recruitment; 
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity and protection of privacy issues

The Board would also benefit from representation and skills in governance, research & advocacy and financial services.

Desired competencies

CPA New Brunswick seeks to sustain a Board of Directors that continues to have a holistic and strategic combination of personal attributes, knowledge, competencies, and exposure that ensure that our Board has a diversity of experiences, perspectives, skills, and connections to carry out its governing and oversight functions:


Governance Experience on a Board of Directors or similar body providing oversight with regard to the way organizational standards, rules, and practices are structured, sustained, regulated, and demonstrably accountable. 
Strategic Planning Experience in elaborating strategy, direction, and priorities in alignment with established organizational mission, vision, and purpose.  
Financial Management Experience in resource allocation and in monitoring of monetary resources.  
Leadership Experience in leading an organization or a group of people. 
Human Resources  Experience, education, training, or substantial exposure to Human Resources best practice inclusive of recruitment, termination, labour law, employment standards, compensation, and employee benefits administration. 
Information Technology/Cybersecurity  Experience or education in the utilization of computers and other physical devices, storage, networking, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence relating to organizational infrastructure and the processes that create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Experience or education in the understanding of the information that needs to be protected on computer networks, cloud servers, mobile devices, and payment software and how to identify and analyze the potential risks as well as developing strategies to prevent breaches.  
Risk Management  Experience identifying, analyzing, controlling, avoiding, minimizing, and eliminating an unacceptable level of organizational risk. 
Regulatory and Compliance  Experience or familiarity with regulatory frameworks, self-governing professional obligations, and regime design. 
Research & Advocacy  Experience or exposure to the use of research in the design of an integrated advocacy platform.   
Government Relations  Experience or exposure to government interactions or the navigation of strategies and positions having influence and impact with elected officials and government leaders.  
Member Engagement  Experience or comprehension in member value proposition development and member satisfaction benchmarking. 
Professional Development  Experience in the design or advancement of educational and professional development initiatives and strategies.  
Legal  Experience or education in law translating to an understanding of the system of rules that regulate the actions of the profession and its membership under enforcement of imposition of penalties.  


Personal Qualities 

Strategic Thinking  Disposition to apply unique business insights and innovative thinking that assist with high-level organizational planning, goal setting, priority determination, and identification of threats and opportunities.  
Collaborative Approach  Disposition to build relationships, nurture consensus, constructively resolve conflicts, and to effectively contribute to collective well-being – all the while, preserving independence of thought and objectivity.  
Accountability  Disposition to accept responsibility for actions, decisions, policies, and obligations to stakeholders, to be transparent and to accurately report, explain, and accept responsibility for organizational actions. 
Organizational Learning Disposition to understand and to improve performance based on experience – a willingness to reflect, to seek out information and expertise, to identify knowledge gaps, to be professionally curious, and to integrate and disseminate lessons learned. 


Other Considereations

Employment/Sector  Balance in representation – Financial Institution, Public Sector, Industry, Public Practice, Regulatory, Academia, NFP, etc.  
Region  Geographic representation – To the extent possible, provide for maximal jurisdictional coverage.  
Gender  Attempt to achieve and sustain equal representation.  
Language  Reflective of New Brunswick demography and language requirements.  
Circumstantial  Unique, exceptional, and under-represented candidate traits having the demonstrable ability to enrich overall Board effectiveness or organizational performance may receive augmented consideration.  


To apply

The call for applications will end at 4:00 pm on Friday, February 24, 2023. No applications will be accepted after that date. 

Apply Now!

For more detailed information, please consult the CPA New Brunswick By-Laws.