A Member's Guide to Continuing Professional Development

As a member of CPA New Brunswick, this guide will help provide answers to frequently asked questions related to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What is CPD?

As a member of CPA New Brunswick, part of your commitment to the profession is maintaining continuing professional development.

CPD is really all about learning, improving your skills, and helping you to acquire new knowledge that will lead you to be a more successful CPA.

How easy is it to meet the requirements?

CPA New Brunswick acknowledges the diversity of its membership, from public practice, public sector, and the financial sector to the worlds of leadership, entrepreneurship, and education.

To help you be the best you can be in your professional role and attaining your career goals; CPA New Brunswick holds an annual CPD conference each fall to assist members in getting their verifiable CPD hours.

In addition to these events, local Chapters offer professional development in their respective areas.

Members also have access to various online learning opportunities, such as live broadcast sessions, podcasts, and webinars through partnerships as listed on the CPA New Brunswick website and through CPA Canada.

Download the CPD Guide