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The Right Recipe

The Right Recipe: an information platform designed just for DIY investors – to provide them with the tools they need to develop healthy approaches to investing.

Meet our new Brewmaster friend, and hear his tales of woe after investing based on FOMO, listening to randos, bandwagoneering, and other not-so-hot investment strategies. Follow along and discover how he learned to ‘brew up a nice little portfolio’ using… wait for it… the right recipe.

Our brewmaster investor has heard a lot of financial tips over the years. He’ll tell you that everybody knows someone who’s made a bundle in the markets. He figured: if his customers could do it, why couldn’t he? The Right Recipe video series follows his journey as he learns how to turn a recipe for disaster into a recipe for success when it comes to DIY investing.

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What is self-directed investing? 

Self directed or do-it-yourself (DIY) investing is a method of investing that puts you in full control of what you invest in and how you manage your investments. DIY investors are responsible for making their own investment plan, researching and placing trades, and monitoring and updating their portfolios without the help of an investment advisor. 

While there may be benefits to self-directed investing (such as the potential to pay lower fees), investing on your own requires careful planning and research. DIY investors must assume full responsibility for their investment choices and the outcomes of those decisions – good or bad.

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