Congratulations to our successful September 2022 CFE writers!

CPA New Brunswick is pleased to congratulate the CPA candidates in this province who have successfully completed the September 2022 Common Final Examination (CFE).

This academic milestone evaluates a candidate’s depth and breadth of competency development in accordance with the CPA Competency Map and ensures that each successful candidate is highly qualified to serve the needs of clients and employers.

September 2022 successful CFE Candidates

Hooshang Ahadi
Jessica Allen
Adeline Ang
Abby Bryant
Ana Bullock
Katherine Clarke
Marc-Andre Collin
Noemie Comeau-Fournier
Maureen Cormier
Eric Cormier
Christina Cotter
Shannon Gallagher
Reese Gaudett
Emilie Godin
Kelsey Gould
Sarah Gowlett
Reid Halsall
Katelyn Hartley-Brown
Erin-Lee Hawkins
Sarah Hopper
Achraf Ihya
Brianna Kent
Carly Logan
Marie-Josee Mallais
Erin McCarthy
Christopher McCracken
Quintin McKinley
Triston Moore
Purviben Patel
Fabian Pesch
Jean-Luc Richard
Pierre Robichaud
Murray Runcie
Olusesan Sanya
Sawan Sapra
Ritika Sapra
Desiree Schlote
Jessica Scott
Taylor Seymour
Deney Taylor
Eric von Richter
Taylor Wong Ken-LeBlanc